Upload a private course

Updated: 2011-11-17

This section covers how you can use a scanned map to upload a single course and then upload your track using a GPX file (Another alternative is reading directly from your Garmin). You can then share this link with your friends so they can upload their tracks too. The main purpose is to use this for unorganizaed trainings with only a single course.

To upload we require you to have an account at OPath.se. You can register for free and it only requires your name, an valid email address.

Step 0: Files needed

You need two files: The map as an image file and the GPX file (unless you are uploading the track from your garmin).

Step 1: Where to start

Start from the Upload screen and click you the box indicated in the image

Step 2: Basic information and Map file

Fill in the information and then select the map. This has to be an .gif, .png, .jpg or .jpeg file. Try to resize the image to so that it is large enough to see the map on but not so large that it becomes hard to get an overview.

When you are ready click CREATE continue.

Step 3: Adding the controls

To make it easy to upload routes we need to know where the controls are on the map. In this step you are going to mark that by double clicking at each post in order. Starting with the startpoint and ending with the finish.

Here we have marked the start and the first post. (You can safely ignore that the first post is displaying as the finish as that will update when you add next post). To mark the second post we doubleclick at the green dot. The result is show below.

If you make a misstake you can use the undo/redo buttons above the map to correct it.

When you are ready press Save and if everything goes well you should see the message below

Right now you have finsihed uploading the course. Next step is to upload the track.

Step 4: Select the track source

We are using a GPX file here but if you want to use your garmin instead you can change in the dropdown list marked as (1.) in the picture.

1) Select 'file' here and the GPX upload option will appear
2 and 3) Select the GPX file.

Now you are ready here. Please click 'CONTINUE'.

Step 5: Verify and save the track

We will add support to alter the track later but right now you cannot modify it

Press Save if the track looks good

If everything was OK you should see the dialog above.

Step 6: Share it with you friends

Other people can upload their tracks. You can simply copy and paste the address of either the playback page or the upload route page directly. To find the Course later you can look under You