Upload an Event using a blank map and a XML coursefile

Updated: 2011-11-16

This section covers how to upload starting from a blank map and a XML file with the courses. If you are using OCAD this XML file can be exported under the menu entry "Course". This is the same file that you use in the competition administration software.

To upload we require you to have an account at OPath.se. You can register for free and it only requires your name, an valid email address.

Step 0: Files needed

You only need the two highlighted files. But you will usually need some way to decide where a control should be located so if you help someone you might need that file too.

The XML file should follow the IOF XML standard. If you are using OCAD this XML file can be exported under the menu entry "Course".

Step 1: Where to start

Start from the Upload screen and click you the box indicated in the image

Step 2: Basic information and Map file

Fill in the information and then select the map. This has to be an .gif, .png, .jpg or .jpeg file. Try to resize the image to so that it is large enough to see the map on but not so large that it becomes hard to get an overview.

Step 3: Selecting the Course file

NOTE: These options are only visible once you selected a map.

1) Select 'XML' here and the XML upload option will appear
2 and 3) Select the XML file.

Now you are ready here. Please click 'CREATE'.

Step 4: Fix the first control

The calibration will be done in two steps. First you fix one control then you select another one at the opposing side of the map and drag that to it's position.

In this case the location of control #41 is at the red dot. Click and hold down the mouse on the control (The ring) and drag it untill it is centred at the position. This will move all posts so you get the following

Step 5: Position the second control

Select one control at the other side of the map that you are going to use.

As in the previous step you drag the control to it's location. The size of the controls and the text might change but that does not change the result so please ignore that. You can see that in the image below. The longer you have to drag the more strange it will look.

Step 6: Save the courses

Press the save button above the map and it will start working. Once it is finished you will get a link to the Event where you can see all the courses.

You can share this link to people and it will be easy for them to upload their routes or view the playback of a course.

The final result

This is an exampel of how the final result could look like