Help about the player

This information is also found in the player

Keyboard shortcuts

  • P Play/Pause
  • + Increase speed with 5
  • - Decrease speed with 5
  • K Start from next post
  • J Start from previous post
  • M Forward in time
  • N Backward in time
  • A Show analysis
  • S Show analysis for current split
  • R Hide/Show Runners


You can zoom in by clicking on the map and zoom out by right-clicking. Because touch devices doesn't support right-click there is an option under "Settings->Touch controls" called "Zoom-Out" which adds a button to the toolbar for zooming out. If you use a mouse with a scroll wheel you can zoom in and out by scrolling.


The regular way to move the map around is to drag it around with the mouse (or with touch if the browser supports that). If touch doesn't work you can click on the edges of the screen(Not always the same as the edges of the map) to move in that direction. Clicking in the corners moves it diagonally.


OPath supports some simple analysis of your legs other than the playback. By clicking "More->Analyze" you can draw the whole routes for all selected runners. This easily becomes messy if you have to many runners selected so you might want to deselct a few runners in that case. Every minute is marked along the track (approximate, can diff a few seconds) to help you compare where you lose time on your route choices.

There is also a mode where you only analyze the current leg, open it by clicking "More->Analyze leg". This mode also includes displaying how many meters the runner ran at each minute marking. Under "Settings->Analyze mode" you can change this to "Difference" instead to show how many meters the runner ran from the last minute marking (Effectively the average pace for that minute).


If you want to share a certain state of the playback you can click "More->Share". The simplest form of sharing is to copy the Link. On windows you can do this by placing the cursor in the field and then hit ctrl + a to select all text and then ctrl + c to copy it. You can then Email, Post to Facebook, blog about it or whatever you want. Anyone following the link will see the same area of the map as you looked at with the same runners selected and the playback starting at the same time as you had.

Share to mobile devices with QR code

If you want to share the address with someone who is sitting beside you. You can use the QR code on the sharing page. This code can be scanned with the camera and it will take you directly to the same page. On Windows Phone 7 you find his under "Search->Vision". For other devices you will likely have to install an app for it to work. Search for "QR code reader" or "QR code scanner" and you will likely find some free alternatives for your Android or iPhone.