Create a Forked Course manually

Updated: 2012-01-19

This section covers how to manually create a forked course. In this case we assume you have created an Event with a course in it. The tutorial starts where you are asked to add the posts.

To upload we require you to have an account at You can register for free and it only requires your name, an valid email address.

Step 0: Before we start

We start the tutorial here. To get here we added a new Event(with a map) and chosed to manually add the courses. We added a course named H21 and clicked save.

The final course will look like this:

Step 1: Add the common posts

Start by clicking the start point and then the common posts(posts all runners will have) in order. Include the finish. It will look like a post now but this is fixed later.

Step 2: Add the first forked section

As seen in the previous picture we can fork a post by clicking 'fork' for that post. If we are forking between 'S1' and '31' we chould click 'S1'. The result after clicking fork for 'S1' will be:

Next the will chose one fork to add first. It does not matter in which order we that. Just click the first control point for the first post.

In this case we only have one post on each fork so next we are going to end this fork so we can start on the other fork. We do this by clicking the end post of the section. In this case '31'.

The black line indicates that the fork is finished. And now we fill in the other fork using the same method. Click the first control point and then we finish that fork by clicking the end post.

Step 3: Add the second forked section

This time we are going to repeat what we did before but now we click fork on '31'. And one of the sections will have two posts.

We are now finished and can press SAVE to save the course.

Are the codes important?

If you are going to upload results the codes will be important because if they don't match OPath cannot match the posts in the resultlist with the posts in the course. You can change all codes by changing the number in the box. When you press enter or move outside the textbox you should se the code change in the map for that post.

If you aren't uploading any results it will not matter much as the user will chose their forking manually.

To make it less confusing for the user they will get a preview when hovering over each fork.

What about loops?

You would do the same thing for loops as forks. But when you click post 'X' you will start by clicking out the first loop and then the second, third etc etc untill you are finished.

I can't add posts that are close to eachother, what should I do?

This is a technical limitation right now. The Posts block the bottom layer which handles the clicks. There is a workaround though. You can click 'hide' for the post that are blocking you to hide it.