OPath updated to V2

2012 jan 19

Welcome to the second version of OPath. This version mainly containts the first support for forked courses and uploading results. There are also the possibility to set the speed and tail length in the player, delete tracks and reset/change your password.

We will take a look at all the news in V2. This is a major rewrite internally so there will likely be some new bugs. Please report these to info@opath.se or even better: Add a comment on Facebook some everyone else can see it. In a couple of days I will publish the roadmap for V3. But now on to the new features

First: About the migration

Because there were som major changes internally the migration is quite difficult. All data is still there but I haven't transfered any courses now. If you want me to do that please tell me because it will take some time that I didn't want to spend if nobody cares. I rather work on new things and improvements. But if it matters to you I will do it.

Forked courses

Before OPath ony worked with straight courses. A lot of effort has been made to make it work with forked courses. As usual OPath makes it possible to add the course both through XML and manually. XML is the easiest and recommended option if that is possible for you.

If the Event has results uploaded the user will automatically have the track fitted to the correct posts when uploading the track. If there are no results there will be a need to the user to select which forks he/she had. I think the interface for this will be simple enough to make that in less than a minute

To read more:
How to created a forked course manually
Information about playback of forked courses
Example of how it will look(But please disregard the printed course on this map)

Upload results

By uploading a result file it will be easier for runners to upload their tracks. There are some benefits for the runners.

  • Works even if the runners has no splits/wrong splits/missed a post. Times from the result list is always used
  • If the course is forked the user will not have to select which forks he/she had. That is done automatically

Supported workflow

As of this version the recommended workflow is to upload the course then the results then the runners can upload tracks. Later on it should work in any order.

Suggestion for how you use this:

  • 1. Create the event, Upload -> Event with courses
  • 2. Fill in the info, App a blank map and upload the XML course file,press Save
  • 3. Calibrate the posts and press Save
  • 4. Click on To Event when the courses are saved
  • 5. Click on Administrate
  • 6. Choose to upload XML results (Eventor is not yet supported)
  • 7. Upload the file

Now this part is finished!

Player improvements

You can now set the playback speed and the length of the tail. Length of the tail is in seconds and speed is 'x normal speed'.

When it comes to speed a slow computer might see that the playing speed is lower than the set speed. I haven't verified this but I wouldn't be suprised to see that effect

Deleting track

You can now delete track you uploaded. You can access this from your page. Klick on your name in the top or got to http://opath.se/you

Reset and change password

From the login page you can request a new password if you have forgotten yours. This new password will be emailed to you and is randomly generated.

From your page you can change the password and there is also a link to log off now.

The blog

The blog I used didn't work very well on this host so I decided to add into OPath instead. I will use this function for sharing info with you about my plans and news. And the comment function is a way for you to give me feedback(You can also email or write on the facebook page).

What's next?

I expect to find a few bugs that need to fixed. For new features I will post a roadmap for V3 soon.


We are very keen to hear your opinions. All feedback is important but please try to be constructive and respect others. Comments that are disrespectful to others might get deleted.